Built-in safety at multiple levels

Multiple levels of safety

The one factor that trumps power and endurance is safety. With decades of experience in battery technology we know exactly what risks need to be controlled, to what extend and in what way. Working with Intercel customised batteries for heavy duty applications comes with built-in safety on multiple levels. That’s how we balance performance and productivity with utmost safety for man and machine under all circumstances.

The first level of safety is embedded in the applied cell technology. Due to the great improvement in performance over the last years, LFP batteries have outrun the traditionally more powerful NMC batteries. LFP battery cells are not inflammable, nor is there any risk of explosion when punctured or impacted by great shocks in case of collision or other mishap. This doesn’t totally dismiss NMC batteries, which can also offer a safe solution given the right circumstances. 

Real-time monitoring

The Battery Management System (BMS) is configured to support a long battery-life. It constantly monitors voltage current at multiple points in the system to detect possible overload. It keeps track of the operating temperature in order to determinate too low temperature, causing reduced lifetime, as well as too high temperatures. The battery status and alerts are clearly shown to the operator in the connected dashboard display or in the battery display.

The next level of safety is the tried and tested assembly of components into a sturdy power package. Instead of wires, we use plate metal bridges to construct cell packs. Stainless steel nuts and bolts are used, hand fitted and controlled to withstand vibration and chocks. Not just for the initial phase but for relentless use, day in, day out for years to come. To ensure failsafe batteries, we use automotive level technology in our assembly lines, so you can go the extra mile with your machine.

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Despite the complex technical issues, I didn’t doubt for a moment whether we could solve it with Intercel. Now we are truly proud of this unique and most sustainable product!”

Franz van Hullegie – Innovation Manager Bredenoord
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