Driving electrification forward

  • Tailored battery solution
  • Efficiency and cost-effectiveness
  • Battery management and safety

Customised batteries help ensure that proven battery technology aligns perfectly with the size and lay-out of the engine compartment, resulting in fast and trouble-free installation. By configuring standard components we can deliver an efficient and cost-effective tailored solution. In addition, the fully customisable Battery Management System ensures that the operator has continuous insight into the capacity and status of the battery system. In all of this, safety is paramount. The result is turnkey delivered batteries with a perfect fit for your machine.

  • Expertise in battery technology
  • For a wide range of sectors

Climate change and the transition to cleaner energy has made electrification an unstoppable trend. As a leading expert in battery technology, Intercel has been involved in electrification projects from the very start. Over time, we have developed, delivered, and implemented a range of different battery technologies for use in construction, vehicles for civil infrastructure, city cleaning, outdoor events and more. Take a look at the various applications for our batteries, that will certainly suit your project.

All about electrification

Electrification is a process that cannot be ignored. But what is it exactly, and what advantages does it have for your company? We tell you everything you need to know about electrification and help you …

We’re building the Haarlem Energy HUB!

After years of preparation, we’re excited to finally have a green light to start the building process of our new head office! It will be located along De Oudeweg, one of the main access roads …

Electric HPU for Vigor Piling

With a rapidly growing demand for sustainable machinery in the infra industry, Burtec focusses on significant innovation in close cooperation with Intercel.

  • Space efficiency
  • Flexible solutions
  • Advanced battery types

Technically, almost anything is possible. The question is, what are your priorities? Intercel’s priority is the most efficient use of the physical space available for energy storage. This is why we have chosen to work with battery cells rather than standard battery modules. If space is not an issue, we are flexible in our approach and we’ll use standard modules. We prefer using the newest generation LPF batteries, but in some cases NMC works better. Want to know more about the technology and modules used in Intercel’s customised batteries? Have a look at our battery technology.

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