Turnkey delivery of a complete solution

No loose ends

Our aim is to provide a complete working solution. This means that everything that is required to install the battery system and simply start working can be included, from charger and battery pack to connected displays.

Before we ship the total package to you, all items are checked and all components have been pre-assembled and tested by our electrical engineers. Technical documentation, instructions and, if required, certificates are included. And we’re here for your staff if any technical support  is required.

There is more to turnkey delivery than just unburdening our highly appreciated customers. The catch is that we want to be sure for ourselves that the complete set up performs up to expectations.

From experience we know that any imbalance between components and accessories can impact the immediate or future performance of the battery system.

Our proven project flow makes sure that we deliver up to your expectations and the batteries perform up to specification.  

Proven project approach

Our proven 6-step project flow, with go/no go moments, keeps you in control. From intake, requirement specification and pricing to project kick-off, designing, prototyping and final review before serial production.

Safeguarding security in product development is all about reducing risk. Therefore we have a proven six step project approach in place.

It ensures our teams and your project team to take the right steps in the right order, based on clear decision making. In fact, turnkey delivery already starts from  the first contacts and a project kick-off with all stakeholders on board.

Customized Battery Brochure

Check our Customized Battery Brochure and learn more.

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