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Charging systems

To make sure you can charge your battery under all circumstances, we provide single- and three-phase charging as well as compatibility with public charging stations and DC fast chargers, such as Tesla Superchargers. Charging from a 24V supply, directly from the machine or truck is also possible. Your Intercel customised battery comes with any desired charging option, including industry standard cables, connectors and interfaces. So your excavator or forklift can be charged on the road at petrol stations or onsite on the job.

Thermal management is mission critical for battery systems. To match the level of cooling or heating with the required power and the available space, a range of cooling and heating components is available. For heavy duty applications such as hybrid trains or automated Guided Vehicles, we work with special liquid cooling systems.

For more standard applications, less sophisticated but equally effective cooling modules will keep your battery fit for duty. Needless to say that thermal management comes as an integrated part of the battery, positioned and mounted on the  most suitable place.

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Some of our many Accessories

Charging units, cooling modules, heating mats, cabling, IoT modules and more.


The battery management system monitors the performance and the condition of the battery system. As such it is an integral part of safety as well as reliability of your electric powered equipment. It connects to various communication options, from CAN bus to MOD bus, WiFi, Bluetooth and more. It can be configured to show any set of performance indicators, such as remaining charge or operating temperature, in displays and meters.   

To optimise service and maintenance and enable centralised management reports, all data from the system can be accessed remotely with the optional IoT Module. This improves effective management of the individual machine or a complete fleet. The possibility to check and change settings in the software while the unit is on the job, increases the uptime while saving  time and costs of onsite support. 

Customized Battery Brochure

Check our Customized Battery Brochure and learn more.

Intercel made a custom-made battery for us, just the way we want it. This was simply not possible with our previous suppliers.

Frans Geens, – managing director KNIKMOPS
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