Advantages of customisation

Proven project flow towards turnkey delivery

Our clear 6-step project flow, with go/no go moments, keeps you in control. From intake, requirement specification and pricing to project kick-off, designing, prototyping and final review before serial production.

  • Three levels of safety

Productivity and efficiency only count if system safety is guaranteed. Safety by design is one of Intercel’s key design principles. Safety is built into the components of our custom batteries at three levels.

  • Custom configuration
  • Collaborative development
  • Turnkey

Optimise the use of available space and prevent imbalance between components with clear and considered choices before configuring the batteries into a powerful solution. The battery is delivered turnkey by means of precision alignment with mounting points and cables of your machine. But there is more…

  • Reliable electric propulsion
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Customer-centric data

Electric propulsion has to be reliable and powerful. The Battery Management System (BMS) is crucial to both aspects. The system monitors essential parameters continuously and presents a selection of this data in any desired format to the driver or operator. The BMS also provides insight into the charge and the status of the battery system.

Powerfull applications

Power for Plug-in Hybrid Trains

Designed and built to power up plug-in hybrid trains, the battery pack delivers an impressive 691V and 600Ah (415 kWh) capacity.

High-end AGV battery

Built for Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) in aluminum foundries, the battery provides a robust 672V and 228Ah (153 kWh) capacity.

Mobile ESS | Intercel

Mobile ESS Battery

Designed as a mobile Energy Storage System, this battery pack delivers a potent 480V and 206Ah (99 kWh) capacity, providing dependable energy on the move.

Intercel made a custom battery for us which met all of our requirements. Previous suppliers weren’t up to this task.”

Frans Geens, Knikmops Articulated Loaders

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