Custom configuration for the optimal solution

Custom configuration is our standard

A robust battery system is essential for the successful electrification of machinery, vehicles, and generators. On the other hand, the dimensions and technical specifications of the equipment you want to electrify determine the configuration of the battery system. For us at Intercel, everything hinges on a well-balanced assembly the right components. Together with you we will explore different possibilities, ensuring you will make full use of the potential of your battery system.

Our design principle is simple and clear: ensuring maximum capacity and reliability within the available space. But simplicity isn’t easy. Essential components include the charging and thermal management systems, the BMS, and the battery cells. All of this assambled in a tailor made housing with accurate mounting points for your machine. This is how we design for turnkey delivery of a battery system that can be installed with ease.

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Cell technology

To make optimal use of the available space, we use battery cells instead of standard battery modules with a fixed number of cells. This allows us to use the custom housing down to the last cubic centimeter. If it proves more practical, we can also use standard battery modules. The required capacity in relation to the application helps us determine the most suitable cell technology. The newest generation LFP batteries are gaining prominence, while the more commonly used NMC batteries are becoming less popular due to fire safety concerns.

We continually strive for the greatest possible reliability and the delivery of a perfectly functioning system. This is made possible through close collaboration with your project team. With a keen eye for lead and delivery times, we aim for quick communication and ensure approval for each step in the development project. Every battery we deliver has been tested and has undergone quality checks before being transported for on-site installation. FAT and SAT are part of our development and delivery process.

8 technical things you need to know

Things you need to know when starting with electrification

To precisely engineer and construct the battery component, an experienced partner was necessary. Intercel jumped in with their expertise and in no time we were able to start building together

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