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Battery Management System for optimal performance

The built-in BMS makes sure you will get the most out of your battery system. It can be configured to show a desired set of performance indicators, such as the remaining charge,  in displays and meters. Through CAN-bus connections all the data can be transferred to these visual aids to the driver. This of course is essential for the appropriate course of action while on the job.

Safeguarding the maximal lifespan of the battery is another key function of the BMS. By constant balancing of the electrical charge across all the individual cells, the BMS keeps the battery in optimal condition. Next to that, the BMS monitors the temperature to prevent the battery from getting overheated. It also detects too low temperatures that cause reduced performance and eventually a reduced lifespan.

Safety features

The BMS monitors electrical current and temperature on several points in the system to ensure the safe operation. It doesn’t only detect overshoot of set levels, but it also intervenes if necessary. With Pre-alarms the driver can take the appropriate action, such as heading for the nearest charging system in time. In the Alarm phase, the BMS will shut down the battery system. The BMS also monitors all the connections outside the battery system. And in the unlikely event that even the BMS fails, a set of fuses ensures the system to shut down.  

Powerfull applications

Power for Plug-in Hybrid Trains

Designed and built to power up plug-in hybrid trains, the battery pack delivers an impressive 691V and 600Ah (415 kWh) capacity.

High-end AGV battery

Built for Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) in aluminum foundries, the battery provides a robust 672V and 228Ah (153 kWh) capacity.

Mobile ESS | Intercel

Mobile ESS Battery

Designed as a mobile Energy Storage System, this battery pack delivers a potent 480V and 206Ah (99 kWh) capacity, providing dependable energy on the move.

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