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It is no secret that the world of energy is changing. Fortunately, companies are increasingly looking for sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. Electrification is a crucial development in this regard. By electrifying your business processes, not only will you reduce the ecological footprint of your company, but you will also save costs in the long term.

The electrification of business processes involves generating energy in a sustainable manner, potentially storing it in batteries, and then using it to charge machines and vehicles that currently rely on fossil fuels.

Intercel specializes in designing and producing battery packs for electric propulsion and energy storage. Our engineers ensure that our batteries always perfectly match the specific needs of our customers. Whether it’s batteries for heavy machinery that need to operate throughout a workday without recharging or for a vehicle experiencing heavy vibrations, we embrace any challenge and always provide the right energy solution.

Some key advantages of an Intercel battery include:

  • Since we build our batteries at the cell level (cell-to-pack), we make optimal use of the available space, which means more capacity in a smaller area. This also prevents any imbalance between modules.
  • Our batteries are resistant to vibrations and intensive use on construction sites, resulting in a longer lifespan. Our batteries can also integrate seamlessly with other technologies, such as hydrogen installations.
  • We deliver complete battery packs that come plug & play, reducing installation time for you.
  • Our in-house engineering department, with whom you can directly communicate, can always create a suitable energy solution.

As a company, you can benefit from the advantages of electrification, both in terms of sustainability and long-term cost savings. When you come to Intercel with an energy-related question, our engineers always start by listening to your needs to determine the requirements of your ideal solution. Then, we move to the drawing board. During the design process, we utilize our years of experience. Once our solution is approved by you, the realization begins in our factory in Haarlem, followed by comprehensive testing.

To learn more about electrification and the possibilities, visit us at the Technical Contact Days (TKD) in Nobelhorst, Almere, on June 8th, 9th, or 10th, 2023. Our specialists will be there to advise you on the right energy solution for your company.

Free admission tickets are available through this link!

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