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Optimized Hybrid Power Generation

Double capacity for Model 100

In the transition from diesel based power generation to silent and sustainable power generation, the Green Generators offers a range of revolutionary Hybrid Generators. Using solar power to reduce the use of fuel to an absolute minimum, the Hybrid Generators achieve 90% less diesel consumption, while operation in silence at construction sites, infra works and festivals. Together with Intercel and Rittal the Green Generators decided to optimize their flagship, the Model 100.

The challenge

More power and reliability within the space and restraints from existing solutions is the core competence of Intercel. As with many other electrification projects, this was also the case with Green Generators. Paul Robbers, Business Manager Maintenance Green Generators explains: “It was about our Model 100, our flagship model. The total battery system is 100 kWh per container and we had several difficulties with the batteries we used before. We wanted to take a big step towards maturity of the product and deliver a generator that has ample capacity with minimum breakdowns. Within the limited space of the container, the capacity had to be doubled, a challenging customization process!”

We immediately worked as a close-knit team of super specialists and we were able to make progress quickly. Intercel offers short lines of communication and immediately had the right answers to the questions we had.

Paul Robbers – Business Manager Maintenance Green Generators

Close collaboration

The key to succes for the Hybrid Generator was working together with 3 parties involved. Paul Robbers, Green Generators: “We immediately worked as a close-knit team of super specialists and we were able to make progress quickly. Intercel offers short lines of communication and immediately had the right answers to the questions we had.” Theo Gerritzen, from Rittal, a Germany based global supplier of enclosure systems: “We were involved by Intercel early in the process. Our philosophy is always to use standard cabinets and assemble them exactly to size. Cabling, inverters and chargers should all be given the optimal place in such a high-end unit. To be able to be mounted exactly in such a way as to create a robust set-up that is unaffected by vibrations, shocks and rough use on often unpaved terrain. Lithium batteries need extra attention when it comes to vibrations and with Intercel we found a unique solution for that.”

Diek Wechgelaar, Intercel: “We started a precise process to first analyze exactly what problems needed to be solved. Lithium batteries are perfectly suited to this environment, they deliver the optimum power and, with the right casing, can withstand the rough environment on a construction site or at an event extremely well. We also quickly saw that space for the batteries was not an issue. We used to work with 12 batteries, which we were able to reduce to six. This provides more capacity and saves a huge amount of space.” Paul Robberts concludes: “For the end-user, this offers a lot: diesel savings, quiet operation and a sustainable solution. Remote monitoring also allows us to provide immediate assistance and quick service. In addition, the solution is vandalism-proof. Last but not least our hybrid solution saves up to 90% on diesel consumption!”

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