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Driving your electrification with Cellpower

In addition to trusted brands such as Yuasa, we also supply our own battery technology, Cellpower and PBQ. These batteries have been developed based on our extensive experience and expertise. We offer Cellpower batteries in different compositions and for both cyclic and standby applications. Working with Cellpower batteries for electrification means you work directly with the source.

More than Batteries

Cellpower supplies reliable AGM batteries for the storage of sustainable energy. In addition, Cellpower offers battery accessories that monitor the proper functioning of the AGM battery. With the Cellpower Battery Guard and the Cellpower Battery Alert you can prevent the AGM battery from being discharged too deeply. The Cellpower Battery Separator ensures a correct distribution of the charging current over several AGM batteries. With a Cellpower Battery Monitor, you are able to check the status of your AGM batteries.

Why Cellpower

  • Decades of expertise in our own product line
  • High energy density
  • Proven reliability
  • Including mission critical accessories
  • Safe and sustainable
  • Carefully developed supply chain

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