Blade Cell Technology at Intercel: Practical Innovation in Energy Solutions

Intercel’s approach to technology and innovation is rooted in practical problem-solving and an interest in technical challenges. This pragmatic mindset is evident in our recent decision to incorporate Blade Cell Technology into our product range. It represents a significant enhancement to our energy solutions, driven by a clear understanding of our clients’ needs and the technical challenges they face.

“It’s not just about passion, it’s about a practical approach to enhancing the performance and reliability of our client’s applications.”

Technical Focus

Our engineering team is drawn to the technical aspects of Blade Cell Technology. The unique, elongated, and slim design of these cells, resembling a ‘knife blade’, enables more efficient use of space within our battery packs. This leads to a higher energy density, an essential factor in the performance of our batteries, without compromising on safety.

Why convert from diesel to electric?

As the battery fanatics that we are, we are not completely neutral when it comes to electrification. But even then, we are convinced that converting from diesel to electric has advantages for everyone. We have listed the 11 biggest benefits below.

Problem-Solving Approach

The safety and robust thermal stability of the lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cells in Blade technology are central to our choice. These cells significantly lower the risk of thermal runaway, even in extreme conditions – a key consideration for our clients who rely on the dependability and safety of their energy solutions.


With an energy density of 424 Wh/L and a long service life, Blade cells are particularly suited for demanding applications, such as powering heavy-duty construction equipment. This aligns perfectly with our goal to offer practical, high-performance and high durability energy solutions for our clients.

Integrating Blade Cell Technology into our product range, Intercel directly addresses the core ‘why’ of our engineering: solving technical problems with practical solutions. This move towards Blade Cell Technology stems from a clear recognition of the specific needs in power-intensive applications faced by our clients.

Martijn Kleintjens R&D Engineer at Intercel about the addoptation of Blade Cell Technology; “It’s not just about passion, it’s about a practical approach to enhancing the performance and reliability of the battery pack for our client’s applications.”

At Intercel, our role extends beyond being just a supplier. We are engineers, dedicated to delivering technically sound, safe, and sustainable energy solutions. In partnership with our clients we continue to address the energy challenges of today and tomorrow.

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