Joint development mobile energy storage box

Joint development mobile energy storage box

Intercel and Bredenoord have partnered in the development of Bredenoord’s Battery Box 30. The Battery Box 30 has been developed to meet the increasing demand for reliable and sustainable energy storage solutions, especially in remote areas or locations where access to the grid is limited. Built with a vibration-proof customised lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery pack from Intercel, the Battery Box 30 can store up to 69KWh of energy.

More power in the same box
The Battery Box is a compact and versatile energy storage unit. With a footprint of 80×120 cm, the Battery Box 30 is the same size as the ESaver introduced by Bredenoord in 2013. However, the capacity has increased dramatically from a small 30 kWh and 15 kW, to 69 kWh with 30 kW of power.

Always the right energy solution
Intercel has over 35 years of experience in designing and manufacturing battery solutions for various industries, including construction machinery, on-road machinery and medical equipment.
Bredenoord has a long-standing reputation in the power sector, providing temporary and permanent power solutions for events, construction sites and remote locations.

Thanks to Intercel’s expertise in battery technology and Bredenoord’s experience in sustainable mobile power solutions, both companies have succeeded in creating a truly innovative product that offers unparalleled performance, reliability and ease of use. The Battery Box 30 is easy to transport and install, making it an ideal solution for events, festivals and construction sites.

Electrification as a sustainable solution for a cleaner world
Electrification of business processes involves generating energy in a more sustainable way, possibly stored in batteries, and then using it to charge machines and vehicles that currently still rely on fossil fuels.

“We are delighted to partner with Bredenoord to launch the Battery Box 30, a product that provides a sustainable and reliable source of energy for various industries thanks to our battery solution,” said Robin Been, Intercel. “The Battery Box 30 is a perfect example of how cooperation can lead to innovative solutions that benefit both companies and society as a whole.”

Optimum efficiency with sustainable energy storage and a generator
On construction sites, at events and during road works, for example, you can use energy storage as a primary energy source. The battery supplies most of the energy demand. Only when there is a peak demand for electricity or the battery is almost empty will the generator switch on. It then runs at full power for a short time, which means: as efficiently as possible. So you have power security, while you can work quietly, have hardly any CO2 emissions and meet strict environmental requirements.

“We are happy to work with Intercel on this product, and we believe the Battery Box 30 has great potential as a mobile power solution,” said Noël Steentjes, Technical Director of Bredenoord. “This innovative product fits perfectly into our existing fleet of battery systems and is in line with our commitment to sustainability, offering our customers a flexible, reliable and sustainable power solution at any location.”

About Intercel
Intercel is a professional battery-based energy solutions company. Founded in 1988 and based in the Netherlands.

They supply various AGM, Lead Carbon and Lithium batteries from stock. In addition, Intercel designs and manufactures its own sustainable lithium batteries for energy storage systems and electric motors. Customised batteries are used in construction machinery and internal transport, among others.

About Bredenoord
Since 1937, Bredenoord has been the specialist in temporary and mobile power solutions. All over the world, we ensure that entrepreneurs, institutions and government organisations can work the way they want to. In a clean, efficient and responsible way. With a fleet of battery systems with capacities ranging from 15 to 600 kW, various generators and accessories, and experienced engineers, service technicians, drivers and advisors, Bredenoord is ready 24/7 to ensure that the customer can get to work immediately.

Towards an emission-free future of temporary power
With its own R&D department, Bredenoord has been working for years on making temporary and mobile power emission-free as much as possible. This ensures that customers are assured of power, even when fossil fuels are less desirable or available and strict (emission) regulations apply. From simple effective solutions like a patented particulate filter to bigger challenges like mobile solar panels. For example, Bredenoord was the first with a hydrogen generator and the ESaver was the first mobile battery solution for smaller power demands. They often collaborate with other companies, government organisations and innovation parties when developing new technologies and solutions for sustainable energy security.

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